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About the Team

  Sujan Chatterjee has been watching birds since 1985. His passion for birds & other wildlife has taken him all over India and he has seen over 1075 of the country’s species! Sujan has been involved in a variety of surveys and projects, and spent a lot of time studying the wildlife of east Indian states including that of Sikkim, West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura and Meghalaya. He has been leading tours since 2002 and has lead trips not  just all across India, but In Bhutan, Myanmar, West Papua, Cambodia, Vietnam & Brazil. His great enthusiasm, cheerful and friendly disposition, together with an exceptional fluency in English have contributed to many successful holidays. We are sure you will find him a very pleasant and knowledgeable travelling companion.
Sathyan Mepayyur

A veteran in birding, one of the most respected birdwatcher from Kerala. Sathyan has been leading trips in the western Ghats for the past 10 years. His skills in birding is unparalleled. He is also a skilled bird artist and a sound recordist

Binanda Hatibaruah is a birdwatcher par excellence. He hails from a village near Dibrusaikhowa, Assam. By dint of the place of his he has developed keen interest in wildlife, especially avifauna that encouraged him to become a professional naturalist.

He has been birdwatching since childhood and has developed his skills in spotting birds and identifying bird calls. Extremely friendly and cocoperative, Binanda is just the kind of naturalist you would love to accompany on your birding adventures.

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