Eagle Nest

Eagle Nest is one of the finest birding areas in South Asia. It is situated at 500-3200m and covers an area of 218 sq. km. The Sanctuary is located in W. Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh. The overall forest type consists of lowland evergreen forest; broad-leaved forest, bamboo, conifers; roadside scrub and farmland – all these in both subtropical and temperate altitudes. The only overnight facility available here is serviced camping.
Best Season :- November to May
Some of the birds: Rufous-bellied Hawk-Eagle, Northern Goshawk, Pied Falconet, Temminck’s & Blyth’s Tragopan, Ashy Wood-Pigeon, Tawny Wood-Owl, Ward’s Trogon, Crimson-breasted; Bay; Pale-headed Woodpecker, Grey-chinned Minivet, Mountain Bulbul, Little Forkail, Golden Bush-Robin, Rufous-Breasted Bush-Robin, Puple Cochoa, Grey-Sided, Scaly & Black-Faced Laughing-Thrush, Bugun & Red-Faced Liocichla, Coral-Billed & Slender-Billed Scimitar-Babbler, Wedge-Billed, Bar-Winged, Pygmy, Spotted, Rufous-Throated And Scaly-Breasted Wren-Babblers, Golden Babbler, Cutia, Black-headed Shrike-Babbler, Green Shrike-Babbler, White-Hooded Babbler, Red-Tailed Minla, Fulvettas, Sibias, Yuhinas, Fire-Tailed Myzornis, Parrotbills, Mountain Tailorbird, Tesias, Seicesrcus Warblers, Niltavas, Flycatchers, Grey-Crested & Sultan Tit, Beautiful Nuthatch, Wallcreeper, Brown-throated Treecreeper, Yellow-Bellied Flowerpecker, Mrs. Gould’s & Fire-Tailed Sunbird, Gold-naped Finch, Red-headed & Grey-headed Bullfinch.